The journal formerly known as The Modern Schoolman

Bowing perhaps to the inevitable, the Philosophy Department at Saint Louis University is changing the name of the journal they have published there since 1925.  Beginning in 2013, The Modern Schoolman will be known as Res Philosophica.

Jon Jacobs, the current editor, has been energetically putting together a series of special double issues, with distinguished invited contributors, to complete the 2012 run under the old name. Volumes will be coming out very soon on late scholasticism and medieval philosophy of religion.

More special issues are planned for the first few years under the new name, though Jon tells me their long-term plan is to print more unsolicited papers and run fewer special issues. What kind of work do they hope to publish? Jon says: “The journal will continue to publish excellent work in the history of philosophy, alongside papers from the contemporary landscape.”  There will also be an annual essay prize, the inaugural topic being Kierkegaard.

For more information, including an interesting history of the journal, see

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