Medieval Real Estate, etc.

  • The University of Vienna is advertising a senior visiting faculty position for next fall, and includes “medieval” among the desired areas of research. See details here. (Thanks to Richard Taylor for the pointer.)
  • Freiburg is advertising a five-year PhD position in medieval philosophy. MA required. See here.
  • Anemoi, the undergraduate journal of pre-modern studies at the New College of Florida, is looking for outstanding philosophy papers for their next issue. The submission deadline is Feb. 14.
  • I’ve just discovered that there is a wonderful, weekly journal of medieval news, at Although it lacks for philosophical content, it makes up for that in a great many other ways, such as advice on medieval travel, and even medieval real-estate listings.


  • Thérèse-Anne Druart has posted the latest of her annual Bibliographical Guides in Medieval Islamic Philosophy and Theology. Links to the whole series are here.
  • A conference in Germany: Mystik im Mittelalter: Gegensatz oder Vollendung der Vernunft? (7. Symposium zur Philosophie des Mittelalters) Leibnitz Universität Hannover, 25-27 February 2014. See details here.
  • A conference in England: ROBERT GROSSETESTE AND THE PURSUIT OF RELIGIOUS AND SCIENTIFIC LEARNING IN THE MIDDLE-AGES (July 18th – 20th 2014) Bishop Grosseteste University (Lincoln, UK). CFP Deadline February 10. Details here.
  • A seminar in the U.S.: There’s an NEH summer institute this year on Medieval Political Philosophy, at Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA), June 16-July 11. Details here. These NEH programs are intended for faculty, although there are usually a few slots for graduate students as well. To be eligible you must teach at an American university. I might add that these NEH summer programs are quite a nice deal: all expenses paid, plus a stipend, and with plenty of time built-in to work on one’s own research. (I might also add that I am myself putting together a proposal to run an NEH Institute in Summer 2015, in Boulder, on the relationship between “medieval” and “early modern” philosophy.)

Seminary Job

Pontifical College Josephinum, a Catholic Seminary, is advertising an open-rank hire for next fall. The requirements are rather specific:  “The successful candidate should have a licentiate or a doctorate in philosophy from an ecclesiastical faculty.  If candidates have an ecclesiastical licentiate in philosophy but not an ecclesiastical doctorate, they must also have a doctorate in philosophy from a university recognized by the Holy See.” For more information, see here.

Upcoming Events

  • Georgetown’s Center for Medieval Philosophy is holding a conference in honor of Marilyn McCord Adams, on March 13-14, 2014. There’s an impressive list of participants, and details will presumably be announced here soon. (Those who plan to attend are requested to email Scott Williams in advance.)
  • PhD students might consider the various week-long summer seminars sponsored by the Lumen Christi Institute for Catholic Thought at the University of Chicago. One of this summer’s seminars is on Aquinas (in Rome), and another is on Augustine (in Berkeley). Expenses are paid by Lumen Christi. The deadline is Feb. 1. For details see here.
  • Also for graduate students, the Nationality University of Ireland (Galway) is holding a graduate student workshop on the history of metaphysics, focusing on causality and freedom. The conference is April 2, 2014. The cfp deadline is February 15. There’s an announcement, albeit with limited information, here.
  • The Medieval Philosophy Network in the UK is meeting on Friday the 28th of February 2014, at the Warburg Institute. For details, check out the Network’s website.
  • There’s a conference on Nicholas of Cusa in Germany on May 26-28, 2014. The topic, specifically, is Wissensformen bei Nicolaus Cusanus. More information is here.
  • The 6th International Conference of European Society for the History of Science meets 4-6 September 2014, in Lisbon. Session proposal submissions are due January 10 (tom0rrow), and stand-alone paper submissions due March 10.