New Tools

Andrzej Nakonieczny, a Dominican from Poland, has written an app
for Android phones or tablets, allowing users to read and search
the whole Latin Summa, even while offline. It’s free and
available from several sources:


The text is taken from the Corpus Thomisticum
project (, and there’s a manual

  • Sara Uckelman has begun a blog on Medieval Logic and Semantics. There are already a bunch of posts.
  • There’s a very ambitious hypertext version of Lombard’s Sentences in the works here. Notice you can toggle between English and French explanations. But the main aim, as I understand it, is to provide the Latin text with detailed information about sources.
  • The Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana has now digitized Aquinas’s famous autograph manuscripts (Vat. Lat. 9850 and 9851). For some amusing remarks, see the discussion on

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