‘In medias’ aspires to assemble in one place the latest information pertaining to scholars of medieval philosophy. This blog will avoid rants and philosophical musings, confining itself itself to news and notes of general interest to medievalists.

The blog’s intended scope can be seen from the six categories of posting that I anticipate:

  • Conferences
  • Jobs
  • People
  • Publications
  • Queries from Scholars
  • Study Opportunities

I encourage interested parties to sign up (on the right of the screen) for email updates. There will not be many posts – perhaps one a week.

If you would like me to post something, please send me an email <pasnau@colorado.edu>. And of course comments to posts are welcomed.

Bob Pasnau, University of Colorado


One comment on “About

  1. From August 13 to August 20, 2018, the World Congress of Philosophy will be held at
    Peking University (Beijing, China). Organized every five years by the International
    Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP), next year’s World Congress will have
    at least one of the 99 sessions devoted to Medieval Philosophy.

    Co-chairs of the Medieval Session are Tianyue Wu, Professor at Peking University, Riccardo Fedriga, Professor at the Università di Bologna, and Alessandra Beccarisi, Professor at the Università del Salento, Italy.

    All those interested are invited to present their proposals before the end of
    February. Individual proposals as well as panels of several participants are
    accepted. In this last case, it should be noted that the duration of the panels is
    of 1h 50’. Abstracts have a maximum limit of 2500 characters (including spaces), or
    1000 words. The final paper should not exceed the 5000 words (plus notes).

    Contributors should upload their proposals to the official website of the Congress
    (http://wcp2018.pku.edu.cn/yw/abstract/index.htm), stating that their papers are
    intended for the Medieval Philosophy sessions.

    Please feel free to forward this information to anyone who might be interested.
    Best regards
    Alessandra Beccarisi
    Tianyue Wu
    Riccardo Fedriga

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