Koenig-Pralong to Freiburg

Catherine Koenig-Pralong will be moving from Fribourg (Switzerland) to Freiburg (Germany) this fall, to take the place of Maarten Hoenen for the next four years.

Hoenen, as announced in an earlier post, is moving to Basel.

Summer queries?

There won’t be many posts from me for the next few months, so I thought I might invite others to submit queries connected to their research. I have in mind things like “Does anyone know what this is a reference to?” or “Does anyone know where I can get an electronic copy of this rare book?” or “Does anyone know whether anyone is working on this specific topic?”

You cannot directly post to the blog — you have to send me an email <pasnau@colorado.edu>. An advantage of this procedure is that I will post only queries that strike me as worthy, meaning that no one should worry about posting a stupid question.  And don’t worry about sending me a stupid question — I’m used to it.

Queries in other major languages are welcomed.