People Movements

Here’s some recent information about changes of location by established scholars in the field:

Marilyn McCord Adams is retiring from her position at UNC/Chapel Hill, at the end of this spring.  She’ll certainly be teaching elsewhere, in some capacity, but she tells me there are no concrete plans yet.

Maarten Hoenen is leaving Freiburg for the position of vice-rector at the University of Basel, beginning in August. He tells me that he will not be teaching there, but will continue to supervise doctoral students. There is also now an assistant professor position in medieval philosophy being advertised at Basel.

Taneli Kukkonen has moved from Jyväskylä to the University of Otago, in New Zealand. He’s already been there a year.

Jack Zupko will be moving, this coming fall, from Winnipeg to the University of Alberta, where he’ll be taking over as department chair.




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