Changes of Address

Here are three recent moves by senior people in the field:

  • Peter Adamson, who has long taught at King’s College/London, is now professor at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. He retains a 20% position at King’s, but that will expire at the end of 2013.
  • Stephen Menn has taken the chair of ancient philosophy at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. He retains his position at McGill, however, and expects to be teaching a full load there in the next academic year. [This corrects the original post.]
  • Calvin Normore, who has recently been splitting his time between McGill and UCLA, has now taken emeritus status at McGill and returned to being full-time at UCLA. He tells me, and I quote, “I’d like it known that I’m back at UCLA and plan to be here for the next 15.5 years!”

As ever, if I neglect to mention something, that’s almost certainly because I don’t know about it. Please don’t be shy about sending me information!

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