Virtual Colloquium 3, featuring Dominik Perler

I am pleased to announce that Dominik Perler (HU Berlin) will be the speaker at the next virtual colloquium.

Title: “Olivi on Personhood.”

Abstract: Following Boethius, most medieval philosophers defined a person as an individual substance of a rational nature. However, in the late thirteenth century Peter John Olivi presented a new definition, characterizing a person as an entity that “fully returns to itself and abides in itself or that perfectly reflects upon itself.” In my paper I intend to shed light on this new definition. I will first examine Olivi’s account of reflection, analyzing it against the background of his general theory of cognition. I will then look at the role he assigns to the will in the process of reflection, paying particular attention to the function of the will as a self-moving power. My aim is to show that Olivi did not simply give up the Boethian definition. He rather reinterpreted it by giving a new account of rationality: a person is an individual substance of a volitional nature.

Time: Thursday, April 9, 18:00 in Berlin (10am in Boulder).


I am sorry to say that the recording did not capture the first minute or two of the talk. The handout, available here, sets out the key idea missed in the recording.


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