The AJP goes historical

Stephen Hetherington has been making a concerted effort to bring more history of philosophy into the Australian Journal of Philosophy. Here’s a statement he’s just released, calling for submissions:

I’m Stephen Hetherington, editor-in-chief of the Australasian Journal of Philosophy. AJP is not only one of the world’s leading philosophy journals; it is also one of the oldest, with its hundredth year of publication fast approaching. Venerable and impressive, then: AJP has long been internationally known especially for the high quality of the ‘conceptual’/contemporary/analytic philosophy that it publishes. But I’m here to let you know that we welcome philosophically excellent and engaging papers in the history of philosophy, too.

In that spirit, we now have two new Associate Editors (AEs) with history specialisations – Margaret Cameron (Melbourne), in mediaeval philosophy, and Frisbee Sheffield (Cambridge), in ancient Greek and ancient Roman philosophy. Margaret and Frisbee will complement the terrific editorial work that is already being done by Deborah Brown (Queensland) and Paisley Livingston (Lingnan), who have been overseeing most of our history submissions.

So, I encourage you to think of AJP as a leading journal also for philosophically insightful papers in the history of philosophy. Thinking about where to send your new paper – the best thing that you’ve written in the history of philosophy since, well, your previous best paper? Think of AJP. Nod approvingly. Smile. (And then act on that nod and that smile.)

2 comments on “The AJP goes historical

  1. Thanks for bringing this to people’s attention, Bob. I wouldn’t quite say that, with this move, AJP ‘goes historical’. But it has been a surprise to me, over the past five-plus years of being the AJP Editor, to learn that there are people who think of AJP as being opposed to, or at least not editorially interested in, the history of philosophy. So I want people to know that AJP definitely is open to publishing philosophically excellent papers in the history of philosophy. At present, we do publish the occasional such paper; I want us to publish more of them. We will continue to be a venue for terrific writing in contemporary ‘analytic’/’conceptual’ philosophy. But we can blend that with philosophically stimulating scholarship in the history of philosophy. No problem! I’m looking forward to this. I really do see it as an opportunity to contribute, in my small editorial way, to the collective rebuilding of some professional philosophy bridges that seem to have fallen needlessly into some disrepair.

  2. […] his medieval philosophy blog, Bob Pasnau posted the following statement from the editor-in-chief, Stephen […]

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