2017-18 Jobs in Medieval Philosophy

Here’s my annual roundup of jobs that were advertised in medieval philosophy this past fall. I offer this information not for people on the job market, who have long since known about these, but for those who are curious about what the market looked like, but not curious enough to do the research themselves. You will note that all but one of these positions is in the USA. In part that reflects the nature of the job market, but it also reflects the difficulty of finding out about positions in Europe, which, unfortunately, are often not advertised on philjobs.org or on any other central listing. Of course, I am always glad to advertise such positions at In medias PHIL, when I learn of them.

  • Jobs with AOS in the history of philosophy, broadly construed:
    • Weber State
    • UMass Lowell
  • Jobs that mentioned medieval philosophy explicitly:
    • St. Joseph’s (Philadelphia): AOS in philosophy of religion, but perhaps paired with medieval philosophy, metaphysics, and/or epistemology.
    • Hope College: AOS open, with a strong preference for someone with teaching and research interests in at least one of the following areas: Ancient/Medieval Philosophy, Ethics, or Philosophy of Mind.​
    • Charles University (Prague): three-year lecturer position in medieval philosophy.
    • Emory and Henry College: AOS: Ethics; AOC: history of ancient and medieval philosophy, critical thinking, philosophy of science, aesthetics.
    • Georgia Southern University: AOS: Ancient Philosophy. AOC: medieval, American philosophy, African philosophy, and/or philosophy of race.
  • Postdocs mentioning medieval philosophy (in particular): (obviously there are lots of general fellowships that would accept projects in medieval)
    • Purdue University: three-year postdoc.
    • Brown University: Cogut Humanities Center Postdoctoral Fellowship in Philosophy (AOS: Islamic and Arabic Philosophy; AOC: Medieval)

Thanks to Joseph Stenberg for the list.

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3 comments on “2017-18 Jobs in Medieval Philosophy

  1. Luca Gili says:

    Thank you for this. Do you see a trend over the years? It seems to me that jobs in medieval philosophy are becoming rarer. (The question is whether they are becoming rarer at a faster pace than jobs in philosophy in general; I think that yes, but I have no data to support this impression).

    Is there anything we could do to reverse this or to resist the demise of this AOS?

    • RP says:

      Certainly, it’s a grim list. There apparently isn’t a single permanent (or tenure-track) position aimed specifically at medieval philosophy this year. In terms of broader trends, it’s hard to say whether medieval is worse off than other areas. If you look at this overall count of jobs by specialization, from 2016 — http://philosopherscocoon.typepad.com/blog/2017/06/where-the-jobs-werent-in-2016-by-aos.html — you might conclude that other areas are just as bad off, and perhaps worse off, given that at least there are relatively few medievalists.

      I don’t know how to make things better for the field as a whole. For an individual scholar trying to break in, the main advice I have is to keep working as hard as possible, and try to establish such an impressive scholarly profile that any search committee will have to take notice. It also helps to develop some distinctive, highly marketable side interests, so that when that job comes along looking for medieval philosophy + X, you’ll stand out because you actually do X. Obviously, you have to be willing to pay your dues in temporary jobs for a while, while you wait for the job that’s right for you. But there’s nothing new about that. Even back when I went on the job market in 1993, it took me three years to get a tenure-track position.

  2. jaleksander says:

    Reblogged this on SMRP.

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