Electronic Resources

I’m always running across useful resources on the internet. Here are some that seemed particularly notable:

  • The Logic Museum, as I’ve noted in an earlier post, has all sorts of useful material. Here’s an example: the tables of contents for all the issues of the Archives d’histoire doctrinale et littéraire du Moyen Âge, from volume 1 (1926) to volume 78 (2011). And then skip over to the BnF’s also very useful Gallica, for the full texts for vols. 1-14. (Thanks for the pointer to Thomistica.net.)
  • What else is in the Logic Museum? Well, here’s something pretty cool: a hyper-linked version of Aquinas’s commentary on Metaphysics, which gives you the Latin in one column and Rowan’s translation in the other, and then offers thorough hyperlinks that go to a separate page that gives the Greek/Latin/English of the relevant text from Aristotle. And the whole of the Physics commentary is here too. And more. I could spend months in the Logic Museum!
  • Early volumes of the Beiträge zur Geschichte der Philosophie des Mittelalters (vols. 1-23) are inventoried and available electronically here.
  • The Albertus Magnus Institut has now produced an electronic edition of the Alberti Magni Opera omnia. Individuals can subscribe for a mere €298. Free trials available here.
  • The whole Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca is available electronically. And there’s a useful concordance to the published English translations of these works here (though those translations are still under copyright, and so not freely available).
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2 comments on “Electronic Resources

  1. Matthew says:

    Is the subscription for the texts of Albert (at 298 euro) for lifetime access?

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