Awards etc.

Here are a few news items, dating back to last year, about medievalists from around the globe:

  • Dag Hasse (Würzburg) has won the Leibniz Prize, worth 2.5 million Euros. Humanists in general don’t often win this prize, and so it’s a fortunate thing for the field that once again the award has gone to a distinguished medieval philosopher. (Dominik Perler won back in 2006.)
  • Jeffrey Hause (Creighton) has been named a “Professor of the Year” by the Carnegie Foundation, a group “chosen on the basis of their extraordinary dedication to undergraduate teaching.”
  • Ana María Mora-Márquez (Gothenburg) has been named a Wallenberg Academy Fellow, one of only four scholars in the humanities to win the prize this year.
  • Finally, I’m sorry to report, very belatedly, that David Lindberg, the great historian of medieval science, died last year in Madison, at the age of 79. (He died a year ago to this day, as it happens.)
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One comment on “Awards etc.

  1. Paul Symington says:

    2.5 million euros? Dang!

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