Jobs in North America

It’s a grim year for jobs in medieval philosophy, at least in North America.  Joseph Stenberg has sent me the following account of what’s available. The deadlines for application have passed, which is intentional on my part, because I don’t want anyone relying on me to identify jobs in the field, but the list will, I think, be of interest to folk with only a casual interest in what’s available.

Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame

Mellon Junior Faculty Fellowship in Medieval Studies (Fixed term)

AOS: Medieval Philosophy

AOC: Medieval Philosophy


Cleveland State University

Assistant College Lecturer (Fixed term)

AOS: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

AOC: History of Philosophy


University of West Georgia

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor

AOS: Ancient or Medieval and/or Philosophy of Religion

AOC: Ancient or Medieval and/or Philosophy of Religion


There are, of course, other positions that advertise an interest in history of philosophy more generally (see, but as far as medieval philosophy is specifically concerned, I’m afraid that this is it.  As for jobs elsewhere in the world, I post these if and when I hear about them. There is (still) still no centralized place to get this information.

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One comment on “Jobs in North America

  1. The good news is that there are still enough open positions to warrant a list; I personally don’t think there are such things as empty sets and much less do I believe that there can be empty lists.

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