• The University of Geneva is advertising a position for study toward a PhD in medieval Latin philosophy.
  • The Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy is accepting submissions for their 2015 Founder’s award: the best paper on Medieval or Renaissance philosophy by a younger scholar. See here for details.
  • The Aquinas and the Arabs group is running its Third Online International Live Video Graduate Student Workshop on Feb. 20-21. See information here.
  • Dag Hasse has begun work on an Arabic and Latin Glossary: “a dictionary of the vocabulary of the Arabic–Latin translations of the Middle Ages.”  So far, only the letters B and C are complete, but what’s there is quite impressive.
  • Sam Rickless has broken new ground in historical scholarship with a series of “101 philosophical limericks, spanning the history of western philosophy.” You’ll have some time to reflect on what might rhyme with ‘Aquinas’ and ‘Scotus,’ because he’s posting only 1 a day, beginning with Thales.

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