Upcoming Events

I’ve assembled quite a collection of these over the summer. Here are some approaching deadlines for application:

  • The Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy (SMRP) is planning a roundtable discussion on “Medieval Contributions to the Theory of Knowledge” at Kalamazoo next May — in honor of the 50th anniversary of the International Congress of Medieval Studies.  Anyone interested in participating should contact Richard Taylor (Marquette) as soon as possible.
  • There are three nine-month positions being advertised for foreign scholars wishing to study in Paris. Readers of this blog might be plausible candidates, inasmuch as the positions are tied to le Laboratoire d’excellence HASTEC (Histoire et anthropologie des savoirs, des techniques et des croyances) et la Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme. The application deadline is September 30.
  • The Woolf Institute at Cambridge University is offering PhD scholarships for students interested in studying Jewish, Christian, and Muslim relations. Again, readers of this blog (or their students) might well make excellent candidates.
  • The Journal of Early Modern Studies is seeking contributions for a special issue on theories of mixture in the early modern period. They clearly have a particular interest in later scholastic theories. Deadline is October 1.
  • The Aquinas and “the Arabs” Group is sponsoring a 2015 Kalamazoo session (see above) on “Classical Philosophy in the Lands of Islam and Its Influence.” Again, Richard Taylor is the person to contact, and again the deadline is basically right now.
  • Leuven will be hosting a workshop on fourteenth-century philosophy on June 4-6 2015. To participate, send a proposal to Jenny Pelletier by November 15.
  • New College (Oxford) is hosting a conference on Medieval Thought Experiments: Poetry and Speculation in Europe, 1100-1450.  The conference will take place April 13-14, 2015. The application deadline is November 10.
  • UNILOG’2015 – the 5th World Congress and School on Universal Logic will run June 25-30, 2015, in Istanbul. A workshop on medieval logic is being planned, with abstracts due November 15.

And here are some conferences coming soon:


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