Into summer

I’ll be away from home for the next two months, which makes this a good time to put this blog into its summer mode, with limited posts. Of course, please continue to send me things, though I may save them for the fall.

Also, I continue to cherish the hope that this blog will serve as a forum for queries from scholars, and the summer would seem an ideal time to post those. So if you have any queries about how to find this, and who said that, I’ll be glad to post those. I proposed this last summer, and received not a single query, but I suspect the cause was not a lack of queries, but a reluctance to reveal one’s ignorance. This summer I’m going to show the way by posting some queries of my own. I have a lot of them. Please send your own to

Let me leave you with a joke. Sorry if you’ve heard this one before.

A Franciscan priest sits down next to a Jesuit priest while riding a train to Rome. After a while the Franciscan notices that the Jesuit is smoking and praying.
Franciscan: I’m surprised to see you doing that.
Jesuit: Why’s that?
Franciscan: Well, our order asked the Holy Father for permission to do that and were denied.
Jesuit: Really? We asked the Pope, and he said we could. What did you ask him?
Franciscan: We asked if we could smoke while we prayed, and he said no.
Jesuit: Ahhhh! That’s the problem. We Jesuits asked if we could pray while we smoked, and he said, “of course!”

(Thanks to Jerry Dworkin.)


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