Various announcements

1. Gyula Klima is editing a new series with Springer, entitled Historical-Analytical Studies on Nature, Mind and Action. He is looking for book proposals, so contact him if you are interested.

2. The Research Group on Islamic Philosophy (University Mohamed I) is organizing a conference on al-Kindi and his School  to be held on October 23-24, 2013 in Oujda/Morocco. For more information contact Said El Bousklaoui.

3. German students (or students of German!) may be interested in a series of podcasts that Maarten Hoenen has made on the history of ancient and medieval philosophy — and on a range of other philosophical topics as well.

4. The medieval philosophy scene in the UK has gotten itself organized around a website that contains various useful links and lists. The organizers are John Marenbon, Anna Marmodoro, and John Sellars.


One comment on “Various announcements

  1. John Marenbon says:

    The network for UK medieval philosophers is in fact co-organized by Anna Marmodoro and John Marenbon, with John Sellars as our Webmaster. We meet three times a year in London, for a meeting with papers based on work in progress.

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