3 Summer Programs

1. For teachers at U.S. universities: John Heil (Wash Univ., St. Louis) is running a 5-week NEH summer seminar on metaphysical issues in the philosophy of mind (10 June – 12 July 2013). This wouldn’t be relevant to In Medias, except that I ran into John at a medieval metaphysics session at the APA this last month, and he told me, unprompted, that he would “love” to get an application from a medievalist. Apparently, he’s been persuaded that the Middle Ages is the place to look for serious metaphysics.  These NEH seminars are fun, philosophically rewarding, and they pay! Deadline is March 4, 2013.

2. The Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, in conjunction with the American Academy in Rome, is in the third year of its summer Diploma Programme in Manuscript Studies — in particular, classes on paleography. This year’s classes will be held in Rome from 3 June through 12 July 2013. The deadline for applications is 1 February 2013. Both graduate students and professors are eligible to apply. There is tuition, but PIMS, remarkably, offers generous fellowships.

3. The classics department at my own University of Colorado at Boulder is hosting an online introduction to ancient Greek course, beginning this summer. The idea is to attract students from around the globe.


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