More 2012 Books

It’s now laughable to me that I thought my earlier list of books might pretty well capture what’s come out. Without even trying very hard, I’ve now come up with a much longer list.  Here are only some of those, in no particular order. (More later.)

Medieval philosophy as transcendental thought: from Philip the Chancellor to Francisco Suarez / Jan A. Aertsen (Brill, 2012)

A companion to Boethius in the Middle Ages / edited by Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr., Philip Edward Phillips (Brill 2012)

Boethius on mind, grammar, and logic : a study of Boethius’ Commentaries on Peri hermeneias / by Taki Suto (Brill 2012)

Thomas Aquinas and the philosophy of punishment / Peter Karl Koritansky (CUA Press, 2012)

Augustine’s City of God: A Critical Guide / edited by James Wetzel (CUP, 2012)

The Philosophical Works of Al-Kindi / translated by Peter Adamson and P.E. Pormann (OUP, 2012)

The second-person perspective in Aquinas’s ethics : virtues and gifts / Andrew Pinsent (Routledge, 2012)

Christ’s two wills in scholastic thought : the Christology of Aquinas and its historical contexts / Corey L. Barnes (PIMS 2012)

Aquinas and radical orthodoxy : a critical inquiry / Paul J. DeHart (Routledge 2012)

Dynamic transcendentals : truth, goodness, and beauty from a Thomistic perspective / Alice M. Ramos (CUA Press, 2012)

Thomas Aquinas, The Power of God, translated by Richard J. Regan (OUP, 2012)

The science of being as being : metaphysical investigations / edited by Gregory T. Doolan (CUA Press, 2012)

Memory in Augustine’s theological anthropology / Paige E. Hochschild (OUP, 2012)

A companion to Augustine / edited by Mark Vessey ; with the assistance of Shelley Reid (Blackwell, 2012)

The Oxford Handbook of Aquinas / edited by Brian Davies and Eleonore Stump (OUP, 2012)

The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Philosophy / edited by John Marenbon (OUP, 2012)

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