A new editor at Vivarium

After six years as editor of Vivarium, Lodi Nauta (Groningen) announced this past summer that he is stepping down. Beginning in January 2013, Chris Schabel (Cyprus) will take over the job, with William Duba (Fribourg) serving as assistant editor.

Also, as Brill editor Julian Deahl announces in a note at the start of the latest issue, Vivarium is making a change to its title. After much discussion about whether to change the main title itself to something more descriptive (The Journal of Medieval Philosophy?), it has been decided to change the subtitle. Formerly, that subtitle read ‘An International Journal for the Philosophy and Intellectual Life of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.’ The new subtitle is ‘Journal of the History of Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy.’ This would seem to capture better the journal’s philosophical orientation. It also indicates a movement away from ‘Renaissance’ as an historical category for philosophy, and toward a picture of later medieval philosophy as continuous with early modern philosophy. I do not know whether Vivarium will actually begin to publish material on Descartes et al.


One comment on “A new editor at Vivarium

  1. Lodi Nauta says:

    Hi Bob, many thanks for your note on Vivarium. Actually, with Chris
    Schabel as the new editor the subtitle is still under discussion (but
    will soon be decided as a new cover is in the making). Chris might want
    to keep ‘intellectual life’ in its title. As in previous years, Vivarium
    will continue to considering articles on early-modern thought but only
    when the article has a clear focus on the continuity between
    medieval/renaissance and early modern thought. So e.g. an article on
    Descartes’ debt to the scholastics will be considered but not a
    systematic reconstruction of the Cartesian circle (for which other
    journals seem more appropriate)

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