Some 2012 Books

Joël Biard, Science et nature: la théorie buridanienne du savoir (Vrin, 2012).

José Filipe Silva, Robert Kilwardby on the Human Soul: Plurality of Forms and Censorship in the Thirteenth Century (Brill, 2012).

Felicitas Opwis and David Reisman (editors), Islamic Philosophy, Science, Culture and Religion: Studies in Honor of Dimitri Gutas (Brill, 2012).

Richard de Mediavilla, Questions disputées, ed. Alain Boureau (Les Belles Lettres, 2011-), 6 vols. [If I may be allowed an editorial comment, this is quite a major publication. It edits an impressive set of disputations, from the end of Richard’s life, which amounts to a systematic treatise covering much the same territory as Summa theologiae 1a. Until now, it has been available only in manuscript. The edition of the Latin comes with a facing French translation. Three volumes are now in print, with a fourth scheduled for later this year.]

Henrik Lagerlund and Paul Thom (editors), A Companion to the Philosophy of Robert Kilwardby (Brill, 2012).

Paul Thom, The Logic of the Trinity: Augustine to Ockham (Fordham, 2012).

J. T. Paasch, Divine Production in Late Medieval Trinitarian Theology: Henry of Ghent, Duns Scotus, and William Ockham (OUP, 2012).

E. L. Saak, Creating Augustine: Interpreting Augustine and Augustinianism in the Later Middle Ages (OUP, 2012).

Tobias Hoffmann (editor), A Companion to Angels in Medieval Philosophy (Brill, 2012).

Thomas Manlevelt, A Token of Individuality: Questiones libri Porphirii, ed. Alfred van der Helm (Leiden, 2012). [Available free at].

No doubt I have missed some things. Please send references and I will post another list later this fall.


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