Some Fall Conferences

 The Berlin-Toronto Workshop in Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy (Toronto) Oct. 12-13

University of Western Ontario Medieval Workshop (London, Ontario) Oct. 18-20 (The topic is Modality and Modal Logic in Medieval Philosophy)

Aristotelian Logic and Metaphysics (Indiana) Oct. 20-21

Questions on the Soul by John Buridan and Others (Fordham) Oct. 26-28. (Gyula Klima tells me he hopes the edition of Buridan’s Quaestiones de anima will appear in early 2014, published in four volumes by Fordham University Press.)

ACPA (Los Angeles) Nov. 2-4. (Ed Hauser tells me they received a record number of submissions this year, which he credits to the topic: Philosophy in the Abrahamic Traditions)

Modal Logic in the Middle Ages (St. Andrews) Nov. 22-23

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