Welcome to “In medias”

I am beginning this blog in the hopes of being able to assemble in one place the latest information pertaining to scholars of medieval philosophy. The blog will never indulge in rants or half-baked philosophical musings, but will confine itself to news and notes of general interest to our community. That there is a medieval philosophy community, made up of scholars from around the world, is one thing that I hope to help promote.

The blog’s intended scope can be seen from the five categories of posting that I anticipate:

  • Conferences
  • Jobs
  • Publications
  • Queries from Scholars
  • Study Opportunities

I encourage interested parties to sign up (on the right of the screen) for email updates. There will only be perhaps one post per week.

If you would like me to post something, please send me an email <pasnau@colorado.edu>. And of course comments to posts are welcomed.

Bob Pasnau


8 comments on “Welcome to “In medias”

  1. Christina says:

    Awesomesauce! This should be a good resource.

  2. Paul Symington says:

    Bob, thanks for providing this service to the community. You sum it up well when you mention that an objective of the blog is to raise awareness, “That there is a medieval philosophy community.” This is a fact that the broader professional philosophical world is often ignorant of!

  3. Caery Evangelist says:

    A wonderful idea. Thank you so for doing this.

  4. Tom Ward says:

    Thanks for doing this, Bob.

  5. tmr says:

    hurrah; email that is actually worth reading!!! thanks much, tmr

  6. de Libera says:

    Excellente idée! Bravo. Je vous suivrai avec intérêt. Je fais circuler l’information dans mon petit cercle francophone (et italophone, et germanophone, et… anglophone). Amitiés

  7. Mikko Yrjönsuuri says:

    Very good, thanks.

  8. wolfgang gombocz, graz, austria:
    i am quite happy that you informed me about this opportunity….
    thank you very much! and keep going…

    since i am preparing the second edition of my history of philosophy (from 1997) volume at beck, munich, i will use this connection, thanks!

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